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About Rioctane :

Rioctane is a website which is created to provide the basic and important knowledge of science as well as modern technology. Here the readers can easily clear their doubts related to different branches of Science like Physics, Chemistry, Geology etc. and get the proper concept they want.

The idea of creating Rioctane has come in the days when I was reading at 12th standards. At that course of time, I often compelled in situations where I wanted to read the brief concepts about the topic what we were taught in school but unluckily most of the times when it comes to a tough or critical topic, it became hard to find the proper description of that particular note. I had to spend a lot of time on surfing about them, and it was quite unpleasant at not getting a satisfactory result after that. So suddenly one day a thought came to my mind that most probably its not only me who is suffering through this phase, it might be a large number of students who may be facing the same problem as like me, so why shouldn’t  I create a site where I would provide the knowledge to the curious students. Because the problem will remain same for all and if I take a bow to solve it so that the upcoming batches will not have to face the same problem as we have, it will be a very good step. So, quite after clearing my boards’ exams, I collected all the required materials and created this site as soon as its possible.

In Rioctane, our main concern is to provide a knowledge, which is just the reflection of thought through which the reader is suffering. Here we don’t entertain any kind of fake or copied information, the topics posted are directly related to the knowledge I gained from well-qualified professors during my college days and different well-known reference books on different subjects.


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About Me:

I’m Riteswar Sahu, the person behind Rioctane. I’m a dynamic young boy of 17 and just cleared the HS examination from the AHSEC board. Besides blogging, I like to play the Piano and I have a YouTube channel, Tune Symphony where I post my videos. I am always curious about science and technology and my only dream is to become a successful engineer. I have deep faith in God, he inspires me to do my best I can without being worried about the result. What I’m today is only because of him.

So that’s it, Thanks for showing your interest in reading our about page. Have a good day. 🙂

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