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Best Adsense Alternatives with Maximum Benefits – Top 5

When it comes to choosing an advertising network there is no doubt that Google AdSense is the best. But many of you may think that is there any better advertising network than AdSense or an alternative similar to that. In some cases, we are obliged to choose an alternative to Adsense. But most of the times it becomes difficult to select the best one. So to clear your doubts I made a list of best Adsense alternatives that may help you for sure.

So, the first one is It is the advertising network of Yahoo and Bing and considered as the best alternative of Google Adsense. The Ads and earnings of are almost similar to Adsense. has a lot of features as compared to Adsense and it also supports mobile ads. But, there is a point to discuss is that it doesn’t keep the records well as the way AdSense does.

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Facebook Audience Network:Facebook audience network

Facebook Audience Network is the advertising network of Facebook which is one of the leading companies in today’s world. It is also a good alternative to AdSense and gives good revenue as compared to Google AdSense. But, the drawback of this network is that it does not allow to use another third party ad network along with it. It is more profitable, if you have a facebook page with a good numbers of followers. In this case the ads are directly shown on the page of the site if somebody visits that and yields a good profit to the owner.

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Amazon Associates:amazon associates

Amazon is the world’s biggest online company which is making a great impact on the whole world. It also has an advertising network which is known as Amazon Associates. It’s also a good and profitable advertising network but in case of similarity, it slightly differs from AdSense, because, this is not a pay-per-click or CPM program. It’s more like an affiliate network, where clicking on the ad link leads to the Amazon app or website and it will pay you a commission for everything the viewers buy from your links. It may become more profitable if you have a popular blog.

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The concept of Viglink is almost same with the Amazon associates. It converts the ads into affiliate and provides you the commission by analyzing the sell from your given links. Having a popular site can help you in this case too. But, at the point where it differs from Amazon Associates is that Amazon Associates only promotes its own affiliate while Viglinks collects the ads of different companies and gives the required commission according to the sell.

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BuySellAds is such an ad network where you have to submit your website and the companies directly come to your site to advertise them and after making a deal with you, they buy a slot like the header slot or the widget slot to show their particular ads. You can sell different slots to the different companies and can earn a good amount of money by using this BuySellAds. But the criteria of this network is that your site should be popular and have a good number of daily visitor here also.

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So that’s it, guys. I hope you enjoyed this information and your all doubts about this topic have been cleared. If you know something better advertising networks than these ones, which may be a good alternative to Google AdSense then comment below. And mostly, don’t forget to share this with the needy ones. Thank you!

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