1.What is Rioctane?

Ans: Rioctane is a website which is created to provide the basic and important knowledge of science as well as modern technology. For better information visit our About page.

2. What is the meaning of Rioctane?

Ans: For my site, I wanted a unique and exclusive title, so I had chosen the name Rioctane which is just the combination of ‘Ri’ which comes from my name Riteswar and ‘Octane’ which is a common science term. So, that’s how I got the perfect name.

3.Who is behind Rioctane? A singular person or a team?

Ans: Rioctane is developed and maintained by Riteswar Sahu, and It’s me, the only person who is behind Rioctane. No, I don’t have any team now.

4. Can I copy your post?

Ans: Being fair, it’s inappropriate to copy someone’s post, I will not allow anyone to copy anything from Rioctane. Using our individual content at any other place will not be tolerated and suitable actions will be taken.

5. Can I write on your blog?

Ans: For now we are not taking any outer person to work for us. At this time I’m alone enough to handle the circumstance of our site. We will surely let you know if we expand our site’s range.

6. How to contact you?

Ans: You can send an email to riteswars91@gmail.com to contact me for any important purpose. You can also contact me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Not often, but I’m available in those formats and try to reply within 1-2 business days.