My First Post

Hey Internet! Look, I’m here

Hello Everyone. First of all thank you that you visited our site and show interest on reading our first post.

Though our site is about providing basic and important knowledge related to science, but here I shall tell you about how the journey of Rioctane began.

It was when I was in 10th standard and one day my mate Kreettannam let me know about his blog www.silentpoints.com. Being a teenager, It was quite surprising for me seeing him doing such great work indeed. He started blogging at an age, when most of children even don’t know how to use computer. He is too passionate and dedicated to his work and it can easily be cleared by observing his blog. Seeing him maintaining a site inspired me and I too decided to create a site not immediately at that time but surely one day.

Gradually the time passed and I had to stay away from this things as I had taken science after 10th and it did not allow me to pay much times on other things.

It so happened when my final boards exams were going on and I was surfing at Youtube. I was introduced to a video related to blog making and it just blown my mind and refreshed all my dreams to make my own blog which I have forgotten long ago. During that time, my brother Rohit who is an IT student too created a blog  www.decodeinfo.com and aware me about that. I visited and found it very interesting. He is undoubtedly smart in technical field and have never disappointed me whenever I went to him for any query. He cleared all my doubts about which I have asked for.

Here it will be unfair if I don’t mention about ‘My Smart Support’ because of which I become able to create my blog by myself.

My mate Kreettannam helped me on finding a good package of domain and hosting at a good price. I arranged the required money for it and finally became ready to create my own blog. The only thing then I had to do was to wait for my exams to end.

And finally the moment came when all the pressures are gone away and I became totally independent to launch my blog www.rioctane.com all over the internet and I can’t explain my emotions attached with it. Still for me its like a dream came true.

So, that’s it, the beginning of Rioctane. The journey is just started and we have to go long now with our beloved ones. Thanks for making time to read this and at last we wish your eternal love and support for us. Have a good day. 🙂

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